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Programs & Pricing

Patience, Care, and Compassion

Every dog has a unique personality and disposition; because of this, every dog needs to be trained differently. This requires a unique trainer, with a wide range of experience and a wealth of knowledge. Whether you want to train a puppy, or an older dog, you need expert guidance to effectively communicate to your dog in a way that they will understand and respect.  Colleen at StarBarks Canine Services can provide you with that guidance. 

StarBarks can help you address the following issues you may be facing with your dog:
  • obedience
  • timidity
  • destruction of property/chewing
  • excessive barking
  • jumping up on people
  • canine socialization
  • on-leash aggression (directed at people/other dogs)
  • dominance behaviours
  • resource guarding (food aggression, possessiveness)
  • off-leash obedience
  • recall (come on command)
  • separation anxiety
  • establishing leadership
  • pulling on leash
  • snarling/growling
  • running out front door
  • resistance to getting into vehicle or kennel
  • vet visits
  • nail trimming/grooming aggression


Programs and Pricing: 

Canine Consultation: Colleen will arrange a time to come to your home to meet with you and your dog.  Observing your dog in their home environment, combined with the information you will share and the answers you provide to her questions will allow Colleen to provide you with a plan of action.  In some cases, this initial consultation is all that you may need in order to address your canine concerns.    $50 - $100*     

Puppy 101: New puppy? Colleen can provide you with essential information on what to do and what not to do in order to raise a polite, fulfilled and balanced dog!  She will arrange to meet you and your pup at your home and address your questions.  Formal obedience isn't recommended until a dog is six-months of age but you can set the stage for later training and prevent negative behaviours from developing from the moment you bring your puppy home.   This information is also beneficial in the case of rescued dogs who may not have prior experience with living in a home environment.      

Obedience Training: This foundation training is pivotal to establishing leadership and respect as well as developing character, patience and trust in your dog.  Prior to embarking on this training with your dog you may believe it will yield convenient and polite behaviour (which it will!) but to your dog, this training speaks volumes and will transform how they view themselves within the home environment.  Their newly evolving perspective will translate to a calmer, confident canine and you may find that many seemingly unrelated negative behaviours simply vanish. (1-1.5 hour sessions per week for 8 weeks)   

Off-leash Obedience: (following completion of obedience training)
$50 - $100/session

        - Aggression Management: (following completion of foundation training)
$50 - $100/session

Customized Training Plan:  Following the development of the action plan during the consultation session, some owners prefer to have Colleen provide the hands-on demonstration and instruction on seeing that plan through. The number of sessions required to address your individual concerns will be outlined in the action plan:   $50 - $100/session   

    *GST included.  Amounts vary based upon geographical location and time required.

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